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The July Meeting - Baptism of Fire for New President!!

Everybody arrived on time, our landlord at the Royal Oak seated us at the far end of the bar near the television, which ensured that for some of the meeting all that could be seen was the back of peoples heads watching the football – thank god we won!! Then the meeting got under way with the usual friendly abuse of the new President –ME – questioning why I was there and not on another holiday!!

After calling the meeting to order (have you ever single handed tried to stop 7 people chatting to one another between watching the TV) the meeting eventually came to order. I thought I was quite successful! Having written up my notes in agenda order beforehand we raced through the usual items of apologies, approving minutes of the previous meeting they had all forgotten, matters arising (none as usual, since we would discuss them in endless detail later), we got to my Presidents report. There was a lot of ribaldry about my forthcoming holiday absences!!! I thought it better not to tell them about the other holidays I am having which don’t affect club matters – break it to them gently at a later date when I can spend more time being joshed!!! It was a bit embarrassing that I had forgotten to include the outgoing Presidents report (OOP’S – sorry Paul, but you were with me on all of our visits and events! And I did thank you for all your efforts last year). I reported on the zone things we have coming up and visits and outings we have made – but since nearly everyone had been involved in them it was a bit of an academic matter.

Our Secretary Sandra then regaled us with her visit to present the donation we made last month to ”Kids Count” – what an really worthwhile cause to support – already babies in the Battle area are getting support from us, and this and any donations we make will be ring fenced for our area, great news for our local supporters – that’s what its all about!! And now we are going to have proper photo ID Cards for when we are helping other or undertaking fund raising. When she reported on them I opened my mouth and suggested that without consulting the Treasurer first – I must learn to stop ordering and start consulting!!! Thank goodness there is just enough money in our Admin account to cover them.

The Treasurer advised there is nearly £15,000 in the Charity account, I must try not to commit us to donating it all at once – but it would be nice to get more requests from local needy causes. Then he told us our next half years subs were due – held at last year’s prices (he obviously never goes shopping!) – so I paid up a year’s worth before he raises them again – they are cheap at the price – hours of socializing with friends and acquaintances AND helping the community for less than the price of 20 pints!!!

We arranged for a couple of future meetings to specifically discuss firstly fundraising systems we can manage and secondly getting new members, with our ages and club size they are both pressing matters. Why don’t people, especially younger people, join service organisations these days, you can get so much fun, socialising and community involvement out of it. Ahead of the meetings Lion Sandra will start a list of local schools and youth groups and the like to help us take both items forward! Then its down to both me and my fellow Lions to try to start the ball rolling.

We discussed our support for the path project on Battle recreation ground and their request for us to help as drink station marshalls on their next fund raising event – looks like it will be fun!!

We discussed our two main forthcoming events – the Annual Go Kart Endurance Race on the 2nd September (– amazed that our local fast car drivers haven’t put in a team – the way they drive down our road they would win hands down!!) and our Children in Need Quiz on the 9th November – our team has both well organised . Lion Mark confirmed he would be pleased to hear from would be entrants on 01424 430158.

I reported on my PRO attempts – I send stuff to the press but then never hear about it again nor see it in print – I take my colleagues point that obviously the meaning of “local news” differs between publishers to readers – still, I will keep plugging at it.

And that was about it – England won the football three quarters of the way through our meeting, so that got discussed in the post meeting meeting in the car park afterwards. Then we went home!!!

Remember, Battle and Villages Lions Club needs your support to continue its service to the community, so why not join us and help the community at the same time thatyou enjoy yourself! We have a whale of a time!! Why not come and meet us on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm at The Royal Oak Public House at Whatlington.

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