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The Little but Friendly & Generous Club!!!

With Christmas and New Year over the publican had decided to have a break, and so the Club met at the Past Presidents house – and we all got there on time except for the PR Officer, who got lost and pleaded ignorance of the area – after all Sedlescombe is a long way from his house - and used the excuse that he got lost!!! We think he stopped for a pint on the way!! Wow, 100% attendance again, how many clubs get that!! The members must have been worried that someone might talk about them if they weren’t there!!!

The President gave his “nothing to report “ statement about events since the last meeting. He must have had a brainstorm – but we aren’t sure where his brain was hiding!! Only halfway through his year and he’s already losing it!! The members as a whole reminded him about the events he had forgotten – the success of our Battle Icicle Tinshake when the members froze whilst they collected £320.20 from the people of Battle – thank you Battle!! It is reputed that the male collectors had certain parts of their anatomies frozen off (fingers – whatever were you thinking!). And the Children In Need Quiz Night which raised a similar amount (OK – mea culpa - I forgot to make a note of the actual total! Senility!). And there was the Christmas Dinner – the Royal Oak did us proud – if only we could remember how much we ate and drank!

The Secretary battled (pun - get it!) through her report – it really is enjoyable interrupting her!! I won’t bore you with the n’th degree detail of directory amendments, request for support of the next Great Daffodil Appeal, the proposed District workshop for us dinosaurs to learn about Twitter and Facebook (I think its something to do with mobile phones but I was busy changing the batteries in my hearing aids so missed the detail!) and lots of other things. But I thought the most important was her sorting out for us the assistance we were giving in getting used dental surgical equipment to Dentaid – no one would wish a bad toothache to anyone in the third world, and anyway it might be somewhere where our PR officer keeps disappearing off to, and at his age he might need it for those he has left!!.

The Treasurer did his usual succinct report (that means short and brief to those who haven’t swallowed a dictionary). Plenty in the Charity Account (there must still be a shortage of local groups needing help!), the Admin Account is reasonably healthy, and member’s half year subscriptions are now due (except for the one smart alec who mucks up the system by paying annually in advance!).

We discussed helping Care for the Carers, our latest collection of 133 pairs of used specs from the bins we have around the area to go to the third world, and getting some more Message in a Bottle containers since our stock was depleted – the message is obviously getting across!

The PR Officer droned on a bit about two shot releases in November and December, his failure to bore everyone, and to announce he was about to boogie off again on anther holiday. We really must find out where he planted his money tree (or is it an orchard!).

And we have a new member joining us next month – her application was unanimously approved shortly before it was put to the vote! I wonder how much this will reduce our average age? It can’t possibly increase it!

Lion John told members the venue for the next dinner meeting, Lion Paul talked about our Charter lunch booking (that’s our birthday party!) in April and Lion Rod talked about our forthcoming visit to our sister club (isn’t that sexist?) at Hastings.

At last it got to Any Other Business and Lion Bob harangued the membership about supporting Medicin Sans Frontieres mobile surgical unit, so we donated £500 to that to keep him quiet, and to support a local cause we decided to donate £500 to the Conquest Hospital toward the new MRI Scanner they need.

Lion Wendy won the raffle – we really must get some better wine for that – and Lion Rod fined everyone for attending and we all went out into a horrendous storm to go home!! At least the storm meant we didn’t extend the meeting by standing round our cars in the car park!

We have a great social life, we give service to the community with only a little bit of effort, we are non-political and all have a great sense of humour – so why not join us? We welcome anybody – the Club even welcomed me!

England and Wales charity no. 1080347
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