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Gomel Supplies

Ever since the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Plant disaster the lions of Kent and Sussex have been supporting the special schools, orphanages and a disadvantaged people living in the shadow of this nuclear disaster in the town known as Gomel. Gomel is an impoverished town just outside the forbidden zone around the plant, where many particularly children, have been and continue to be affected by the radiation fallout.

Despite the problems of living in what is one of the last left wing communist dictatorships, adjacent the affected disaster area in a poverty stricken country, the people of Gomel are outgoing and caring. To the extent that, with the support of Lions in this part of England, they have formed a strong and active Lions Club. English Lions support them in many ways, refurbishing and repairing the orphanages which are permanent homes to over two hundred children, including one for children born blind or partially sighted as a result of the effects of the disaster where we have also put in a state of the art eye clinic, and aiding their schools and the poorer people in the society.

Part of this aid is our annual shoebox appeal where every autumn we fill an enormous articulated trailer lorry to the brim with items to help them. Their import regulations limit many items, but we send quality clothing, toys, education equipment, items to keep their schools running etc. In the past we have sent commercial lawnmowers – it sounds silly, but with those they were able to clear and maintain school football and sports pitches that had become derelict, they now have active school sports facilities and football teams – the children have benefitted!

Battle and Villages Lions Clubs have always supported this project, not only by helping fund the transport and special projects but every year making sure we sent a box of useful equipment bought with the funds you have entrusted to us, This year is no exception, the lorry will be carrying a box containing £200 worth of 40 footballs, 4 basket balls, 4 tennis raquets, 24 tennis balls, and a stirrup pump and valves for blowing them up!!!

We would like to thank our supporters in Battle and villages for helping us do this – it really is a worthwhile and rewarding effort. And don’t forget, our primary aim is to support suitable causes here, in our community – so if you know of a worthwhile cause contact us – NOW!!!

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