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August 2017 Business Meeting

It was as bad as last month – the Secretary and the Treasurer swanning off together and sending their apologies. Some made comments about extended dirty weekends!!! But it did mean that with only six of us we could get sorted quickly!! No hope!! With our members all wanting to put their tuppence worth in we still didn’t get away until 10 o/c!! And that deaf bugger of a PR Officer keeps having to have things repeated!!

So Wendy took the minutes again – please come back Sandra – we had to keep stopping for her to catch up again and they are not of our usual standard – only seven out of ten!!

President Paul ran the meeting in his usual equable style (see Wendy, I can spell it), otherwise known as controlled chaos. I put forward several ideas for the Vice the First Vice should practise, but they fell on deafer ears than mine!! So I am still wondering what vice I will have to do? He reported on the stall they ran at Hailsham fun day and reported on the Zone meeting he had attended (late because John took them to the wrong pub!!), and also on Lion David Skinners request that we support a request from Battle and Langton School for Tacade training manuals, so we agreed to provide “I Am, I Know, I Can” and “Life Changes” –it’s ever so easy when the Treasurer isn’t there sucking his breath through his teeth at the mention of expenditure!!!

And we had a discussion about the District request for our comments on how to run the annual Conventions in a manner that would attract more members. Wrong people to ask – they would find it easier to cancel them than to accept our suggestions, and one of those was a medical impossibility!!!

The Secretary sent some notes in – we think the ecstasy generated by the thought of her forthcoming holiday (some of us still maintain it was a long dirty weekend!!) was the reason she kept it short. The District Shoe Box Appeal in support of Belarus was discussed and we decided to send money toward both the transport costs and for the District Governor to purchase sports equipment on our behalf. We think the Treasurer may have apoplexy at out temerity in spending money when he isn’t there, and for Lion Bob to double the original sum proposed was outrageous – still it got a unanimous (see Wendy, I can spell that as well1) vote in favour!! And there were things about forthcoming events, Charter Dinners and visits, including the Zone Social visit to the dogs at Hove (yes, you know what’s coming!) met the usual response about Lion having already gone to the dogs!

The Treasurer is still trying to earn Brownie points – sending in another posh typed report – why can’t he stay with scruffy bits of screwed up scrap paper like the rest of us! Plenty in our charity funds – actually over £20k too much - we still can’t give it away!! Our First Vice says that must be because the people of Battle are so rich and proud they can’t lower themselves to accepting financial aid for youth (or any other!) projects. The Admin fund is a bit short mind you, so he wants more subs to fill the Admin Fund. So Lion Bob suggested a social function to balance the books. It was only because he wanted to try out the new gas BBQ again that he bought two years ago for his wife’s anniversary present (you have no idea what a tight wad he is!) – any other husband would buy flowers and jewellery and champagne!

We talked about progress to date on the GoKart Challenge (still some places left), The Children in Need Quiz Night ( under control, except for those Lions who still haven’t let John have their question sets), The Christmas Tin Shake days (all systems go), Supplying Public Access defibrillators (offer confirmed of one for Ashburnham Place, and RGE to look at the Guide Hall and Station when he gets back from sunning himself again), funding IT equipment for the ATC (can you fly a computer?), a school peace garden (peace – in a school!!!),and Battle Festival.

I reported on PR matters, Wendy waffled and made excuses about not having done anything about membership (going to the States was not a good enough excuse!), and John chatted about a meal at the Royal Oak on the Ist September. It seemed we had said everything, we were getting bored, and I had won the raffle (yes-result!).
So we all went home!!

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