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The June Buisness Meeting

What a refreshing change!! We didn’t have time to get bored and everyone stayed awake!!! We had a visitor so we had to look bushy tailed and bright eyed!! Still the the usual band gathered round the table but not whinging!!!! We had a presentation to make , getting rid of a bit more of the money we raised to a really worthwhile cause!!!

Fiona Watkins of East Sussex Young Carers came and talked to us before we started our meeting about all the help needed by young carers – some of primary school age – and how they are helped with assistance, respite, training, and relaxation. A really worthwhile cause, no child in that situation should be unsupported!! So what did we do – Lion President Rod handed over a £750 donation and we are considering aiding one of their major respite weekends, but more of that later!

And after she left we all stayed awake!! Not a single snore all evening – this was exhausting!!

There was a bit of a disaster to announce, Jacinta, one of our stalwarts is giving up because of family her pressures. As the districts smallest club this puts even more pressure on us, so we talked yet again about how to get new members, we must raise our profile and let people know that service and fundraising can be fun and rewarding, trouble is how!!

President Rod is organising the Changeover lunch so that he can hand the Presidents baton on to Lion Paul at the local pubs that supports our Easter Egg Raffle. He reported on the last Zone meeting, the zone changeover, and our stall at Lions Fun Day at Uckfield. Then Secretary Sandra yattered on for a while about various bits and pieces we needed to know and she needed to get off her plate. Usual things – new regulations, invites to local functions and changes in how we can donate help to people in the Sudan and Yemen. Several of us got cramp in our wrists keeping up with her notes!! Perhaps if the youth organisations in Battle don’t want help we should send our money there!

Lion Mark then gave his usual concise report – over £26,000 in the Charity Account and about £650 in the Admin Account, how the hell do we find worthwhile causes to give it to in this area – however much we offer we get no reasonable response!! Is this part of Wealden so wealthy??

The fundraising report proffered by Lion Paul didn’t help!! Having thanked the members for their help he advised that our China Smashing Stall at Uckfield Lions Fun Day added to our charity coffers!! And we hope to make even more when we take it to Hailsham on the 23rd!! The September Go Kart Challenge is getting more entrants, we are getting ready for the Children in Need Quiz Night in November and are ready for the Christmas Tin Shake!!! It’s just a case of energising the PR officer to extract his digit and advertise it all!! And ideas for next year are already in discussion. No, I am not going to dress up as a Christmas Elf however much Wendy talks about it – I am shaped more like a munchkin than an elf!!

Lyn reported on social and welfare matters. Why is it that people who want money just want to receive it without giving any thanks or PR back. And why are so many people dying of heart attacks that could be saved by public use defibrillators that we want to give but no one wants. And why can’t our public officials give us a list of where such items are sited in this area. Lion Bob is getting his blood pressure really up about this!! Just because he got told off by the practise nurse and Margarets put him on a diet – the first person to tell her about the cashew nuts he eats at each meeting is going to be really unpopular!!

We sent more old spectacles to Chichester for reuse and the surgeries are still well provided with Message in a Bottle units that we give free to all who want them. There was even a bit from Wendy and Keith on youth matters and Wealdens Safety in Action initiative.

The PR Officer reported on what he had sent out and got his usual blagging over miniscule spelling errors – he is well aware that there are different spellings of Lewes, he got Hammilton right!!

Then there was some Social waffling about the Pie Night we had held and making excuses for not yet arranging the evening at the Dogs that the writer had promised his wife – doesn’t he realise how much stick some of us have to take for his oversights when we are debriefed by she who must be obeyed when we get home!!

Lion Bob put forward a resolution for getting rid of some of our Charity funds, which everyone agreed with and then nit-picked on the wording!! Back to the drawing board, but he had his revenge when the President told the members that he was the tailtwister for the evening – everyone got fined. Heavily. Perhaps we ought to replace our Lion money box with one with a bigger slot that will take notes!!!!!

Lion Sue won the raffle, then we finished. Well I say finished, we stood talking in the carpark for ages, but by then I had lost it!!

And if you have read this far, why not take extra note of the next bit!! It’s very short!!

Yes, we do need more members. Yes, we do raise a lot of money for good causes. Yes, we do have fun. Yes, you could join us and have a lot of fun doing something really worthwhile, giving service to the community. We are small (but perfectly formed), friendly (most of the time), and need your support. Why not join and have a whale of a time!! Come and meet us on the second Monday of each month at 8pm at The Royal Oak Public House at Whatlington.

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