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We Want to Support Youth - Help us Spend Money!

What an amazing area!!

Are youth organisations in the Battle and Villages area so affluent they don’t need help!!!

Battle and Villages Lions Club think it’s difficult to believe, but having specifically earmarked monies raised from the people of Battle and the immediate area to use to aid youth, they are finding a dearth of would be applicants!!

Despite publicising the fact that money is available to suitable groups, they have only had two appropriate requests, and they were from our supporters in Robertsbridge!!

With 2016 behind them, when they were able to raise far more money than they usually do with their success in running the 1066 Way to Battle Race, the Lions Club, who wish to spend the money primarily on youth, are being disappointed at the lack of any response to their previous requests and press releases. They are beginning to wonder whether youth in Battle and Villages need support!!! They don’t believe that, but why is no-one coming forward? They aren’t ogres!! They really are a friendly bunch!!

So if you are a youth group, or even an individual, in need of support for a worthwhile project, why not contact our President, Rod Eldridge, on 01424 870983 or our Secretary, Sandra Standen on 01424 430158, or use the Club’s number on our contact page.

Better still, why not join us and have some fun doing something really worthwhile. The Battle and Villages Lions Club is small, friendly and needs your support to continue its service to the community, and local good causes, charities and the many local and international causes supported on your behalf. Why not join and help the community while you enjoy yourself! We have a whale of a time!! Come and meet us on the second Monday of each month at 8pm at The Royal Oak Public House at Whatlington.


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