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January Business Meeting - We Want to Support Youth!

With Christmas and the New Year festivities behind us the Lions members gathered to review the previous month and agree some of their future plans.

The success of the 1066 Way to Battle Race is now behind us, and has left us with a legacy which we now have to address. The support and response from the public and competitors really surprised the Club. Not only have runners suggested we consider doing it again, but the monies raised means that our Charity Fund stands higher than ever before! And it’s not in our psyche to leave it there indefinitely! Whilst the Club will continue to support its international giving, we are resolved to continue to use our funds primarily to support local good causes, and it is the unanimous feeling of our members that we   should concentrate that support on youth matters. So we need to hear from groups and individuals from the Battle and Villages area– let us know what you or your groups need. Every application will be carefully considered by us – we don’t want the money (well, not all of it) languishing in the bank!!

But this wasn’t our only successful Fundraiser. Our “Tinshake” in December enabled us to raise a further £347.90 to boost the Funds, an improvement on last year’s figure, which the Club put down to shoppers giving us the parking monies that with the days free parking they didn’t have to put in the meter!!  And this year it was warm and dry!!! So now we have to apply for a licence for this next Christmas. A big thank you Battle!!

But before then there are other fundraisers to deal with. Once again Lions will be promoting the Grand    Easter Egg Draws in the many local hostelries that support us, and the organisation of that was commenced. And they agreed this year’s autumn Go Kart Challenge– this looks like being a grudge race between previous winning teams and last years – so come on all you would be Hamiltons, start practising and contact us to ensure that you are on the grid!!

Of course it was not all about fund raising. The Treasurer advised that the Charity Fund now stood at nearly £29,000. And there was a lot of discussion about how to reduce that sum, including discussion of applications made from supporting education in Africa to individual grants for sports aid and some             discussion about supporting the Lions Life Skills initiative. It was decided that all members would consider   where our charitable giving should be placed for discussion at the next meeting. Then the Treasurer quietened the meeting down by telling the members their £35 half year subscriptions were now due – at least that hasn’t gone up yet!! And the Administrative Account is at a healthy £748.

And then there were the dates to meet our friends in other Lions clubs at their Charter dinners and curry lunches – it’s that time of year.

Recruiting new members was on the agenda – like Dracula we really do need some fresh blood!!    Why not join us and have some  fun doing    something really worthwhile.

The Battle and Villages Lions Club is small, friendly and needs your support to continue its service to the     community, and local good causes, charities and the many local and international causes supported on your behalf.  Why not join and help the community while you enjoy yourself! We have a whale of a time!! Come and meet us on the second Monday of each month at 8pm at The Royal Oak Public  House at Whatlington.  


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