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Christmas Tinshake

Battle Lions have been shaking tins in Battle collecting at Christmas time for charity ever since they were founded, and this year was no different, they were in Battle town centre on the mornings of both the 16th and 17th.

Well actually it was! No rain, no freezing wind, no overcast sky!! Saturday morning dawned warm, bright, windless and the sunshine was positively blinding! There was an added bonus this year, the carpark charges had been suspended as part of the Councils Christmas policies, so lots more people gave donations of their car park fees to the Lions collectors, and everybody was smiling!

Warmth, dryness, and no car par fees! Battle’s shoppers thought Christmas had come early! And it made the collectors happier too – they didn’t have to bundle up in multiple layers of clothing, and it’s so much easier when people are comfortable and happy!

It all reflected in the collecting tins, when the Lions treasurer counted up the donations from the Friday 16th and Saturday 17th collection mornings the little band had collected £347.90 toward the charitable activities they support on your behalf. Thank you Battle, yet again you have “done us Proud!”

The Battle and Villages Lions Club needs your support to continue it service to the community, and its support of local good causes, charities and the many local and international causes the Club supports on your behalf.  Why not join us and help the community at the same time that you enjoy yourself! We have a whale of a time!! Come and meet us on the first Monday of         each month at 8pm at The Royal Oak Public House at Whatlington. 

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